DigiToads: Invest in Crypto and Earn with Play-2-Earn Gaming!

• The crypto market has been hot recently, with Bitcoin (BTC) past $30,000 and Ethereum (ETH) breaking the $2,000 price point.
• A new DeFi project, DigiToads (TOADS), will be listed on BitMart exchange. Its presale has already raised more than $1.35M.
• DigiToads blends NFT technology with a Play-2-Earn gaming model and will provide users with a monthly prize pool as well as Platinum Toads for skilled traders.

Crypto Market is Booming

The crypto market has been red hot recently. Bitcoin (BTC) ripped past $30,000, Ethereum (ETH) staking withdrawals will go live, breaking the $2,000 price point whilst Bitcoin (BTC) dominance dropped while its price climbs means it might be the beginning of an altcoin season.

DigiToads Comes to BitMart

A new powerhouse DeFi project, DigiToads, has confirmed it will list on BitMart exchange soon. The DigiToads presale has already raised more than $1.35M, and the lack of vesting enables holders to trade TOADS at the earliest available opportunity.

DigiToads Presale Cycle

The DigiToads presale already raised more than $1,350,000 in earlier tranches of its presale offering substantial discounts for early investors who can now become fully liquid and free to trade on the open market with no vesting as soon as DigiToads launches. The token will increase incrementally in later stages until it reaches a price of 0.055 per token in the last tranche of the presale when listed on BitMart exchange providing investors with more liquidity and a broader audience to monitor progression through their presale cycle of TOADS tokens.

What is DigiToads?

DigiToads blends NFT technology with a Play-2-Earn gaming model allowing users to own their unique Toads and utilize their NFT’S to earn money making this one of top cryptos to invest in this year! Users can battle and breed their Toads in the Toad-Cade and at the end of each season 50% of funds raised from in game item sales are allocated into a monthly prize pool which rewards 25% most dedicated players for skills displayed during gameplay or contests held by platform itself..

Platinum Toad Rewards Dedicated Players

In addition there are 12 Platinum Toad distributed amongst most skilled traders decided by on chain trading competitions giving them access 1/12th portion TOADS treasury for trading purposes once decentralized exchange ‘The Trading Post’ launches enabling everyone holder benefit from skillset & grow protocol further together!