Pantos Launches Public Beta: Bringing Multichain Token System to Masses

• ChainwirePantos, the multichain token system launched by Bitpanda, announces its public beta launch today.
• It offers developers and users a secure and seamless Web3 interoperability with its new Multichain Token Standard called PANDAS.
• Pantos has received funding from the Austrian government and will be adopted by Bitpanda as one of the first adopters of its multichain token system.

ChainwirePantos Launches Public Beta

ChainwirePantos, a multichain token system conceived by the team behind Bitpanda, announces the public beta launch of its multichain protocol today. This will enable developers and users to send tokens, wrap native coins of supported chains, and soon also create and deploy multichain tokens easily with a few clicks.

Introducing PANDAS

Pantos is introducing a new Multichain Token Standard called PANDAS (Pantos Digital Asset Standard) to bring a truly multichain token system to the masses, enabling secure and seamless Web3 interoperability. Pantos currently supports seven chains on testnet: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, Cronos, Celo and Fantom; and plans to integrate more EVM and non-EVM chains continuously.

Bringing Web3 Functionalities To The Masses

The majority of today’s Web3 applications and bridges lack the security and smooth user experience needed to bring Web3 functionalities to the masses. Pantos aims to improve this by offering a reliable infrastructure and the right tools to empower developers to easily create multichain assets.

Research & Funding

Pantos began in 2018 as an in-house research project by Bitpanda in collaboration with TU Wien (Austria) and later also TU Hamburg (Germany) to establish an open standard for truly decentralized multichain token transfers and blockchain interoperability. It also runs one of the largest blockchain research labs in the world as part of Christian Doppler Laboratory Blockchain Technologies for Internet Of Things which has been able to secure funding for this project from Austrian government.

Adopting Pantos

Bitpanda’s business expertise helps Pantos with transitioning from research project into fully-functional product available for end users & developers in accessible way while it will be adopted by Bitpanda as one of first adopters of its multichain token system & has secured partnership with leading Austrian bank Raiffeisen Bank Internationale too!